Evangelism Lead Them to the Cross

I remember it like it was yesterday; Christmas morning had come. Our family’s Christmas tree was surrounded by presents delivered by Santa. Many of them were mine, but there was only one that I cared for. Somewhere behind one of those wrapped boxes was a remote control truck. I had seen the commercials over the previous months leading up to Christmas. According those commercials, it was super-fast, super-tough, could go through mud, and able to make long jumps across ramps! I wanted it and made my desire was known. Now Christmas morning was here and I couldn’t wait receive my present!
Well, I got my remote control truck. I quickly learned it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. It was smaller than I imagined, slower than I expected, and those jumps the commercial raved about left me wanting. My gift was not as satisfying as I had hoped.
Isn’t that the way gifts go? There are good ones and there are bad ones, but even the good ones cannot satisfy. That is why Evangelism is so important. We give the one gift that can satisfy: the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Healthy Churches Evangelize!
What is Evangelism? It is sharing the news of Jesus Christ; presenting to people that Salvation comes from the Lord. This happens when you and I speak to people concerning the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Notice that I said “speak.” Sometimes we want to just “live” and let people “see” our faith in hopes they will come to know Jesus. The Bible is clear on this matter, salvation comes by “hearing” and that only happens when Church Members “speak” and share the gospel!
This doesn’t mean they will embrace your message. Not everyone accepts this gift, and that’s OK. Our job is to tell and God’s job is to save. By sharing the gospel, you have been faithful in presenting truth and offering them the greatest gift ever: the gift of salvation! The beauty of evangelism is that those who embrace the message of the gospel will never be dissatisfied with what they received! Their gift of salvation will be their ultimate joy in this life and in eternity.
That is why healthy churches evangelize. True church growth happens when God’s people share the gospel. We are being faithful to God’s command and we are loving people. So go and tell someone the gospel! It will be the best gift they have ever received.
By His grace, 
Pastor Brian